Case Study

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Integrated Behavioral Healthcare System

Nous helped a leading Human Service Organizational management solutions provider in developing a financial and clinical management web application with SaaS based service model.

Claim Spending Analytics solution

Learn how Nous helped a health Informatics company in building a data warehouse solution that provided Business intelligent data on a dashboard which depicts real time information on spends and performance.

NONMEM PK/PD program for Clinical Research Data Analysis

Understand How Nous facilitated a customer who wanted to migrate the existing data analysis application (FORTRAN 77 based) as a cloud based computing solution (FORTRAN 90/95).

Population Management & Cost Containment Solution framework

Nous helped a leading medical management solutions provider to build a solution that handle end-to-end claim processing including automated edits, manual edits and third party claim editing tool integration.

Clinical Knowledge Management portal development

Nous helped a leading health informatics company in developing Clinical Knowledge Management (CKM) portal that analyses the clinical data from regions across the globe

Disease Registry Portal Development

Nous helped customer in building Disease Registry Portal which meets all compliances of health regulation and provides role-based workflow enablement.

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