In the current global economy, logistics has found the utmost importance due to its dynamicity. Gone are the days when logistics was confined to just the movement of freight and goods. Managing costs, security issues, fuel tracking, environmental compliance are some of the major challenges that logistics industry is facing currently. Nous Infosystems has acquired its expertise in the logistics industry through hands-on experience of working with many customers globally for more than 19 years, providing innovative Logistics Technology Solutions and services. We understand the complexities and challenges that exist in logistics and this helps us in providing innovative logistics IT solutions to our customers within the industry.

Workflows and Forms


Logistics is a complex process comprising of several activities which are performed by disparate IT systems. It’s imperative that all these systems are connected efficiently and exchange information seamlessly in order to achieve excellence across the supply chain. Nous facilitates logistics organizations in integrating several IT systems such as WMS, ERP, CRM and more. Our BI experts help in extracting and analyzing intelligent data form the systems and present it to the stakeholders effectively. 

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Nous’ warehouse management solutions optimizes complex distribution networks by enabling central management of inventory and processes across multiple warehouse facilities. Nous’ Logistics Technology Solutions offerings have helped logistics providers significantly in achieving excellent turnaround times and lower operating costs.

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Business Intelligence


Warehouses represent a very important link in the supply chain, and it is vital that organizations maintain a structured, error-free environment efficiently. In a typical distribution scenario, there can be multiple levels of warehouses - Central Warehouse(s), Regional warehouses and Retail warehouses serviced by each other. The objective of warehousing management is to help in optimizing cost of timely order fulfillment by managing the resources economically.

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