Retail is one of the most dynamic industries which is comprised of billions of multi-faceted buyers. It is essential that retailers meet customers’ unique and unparalleled requirements. Besides, Logistics is an industry comprising many disparate entities such as manufacturers, inventories, transporters, etc. It’s very important for any logistics company to bring these entities in unison to flourish and prosper.

Backed by immense industry experience, Nous understands the complexities of Retail and logistics industries very well. As a leading Magento Ecommerce Company, we provide Magento Customization Services to fulfil the requirements which are specific to the organizations. Besides, we have built many frameworks and tools based on our experience, to resolve the issues quickly that may arise in routine operations of these industries.

What we offer

Application Development and Maintenance

Development of eCommerce websites, portals and bespoke solutions to fulfil the specific IT needs. Tailored Magento Customization Services to tackle business needs and prosper.

Application Testing

Testing the robustness of applications under various scenarios such as seasonal sales, holidays, and more. Mobility and Automation are the major focus areas of testing.

Infrastructure Management

Optimize and manage IT infrastructure and provide 24x7 support services for your business critical applications with innovative and cost efficient solutions.


With an experience of providing Magento Customization services to global customers, Nous has good understanding of Retail and Logistics industry. As a leading Magento Ecommerce Company, we enable our customers in this space with right technology solutions and make them to stay up-to-date with latest trends. Our Magento Customization Services have helped customers to reduce effort, cost and time, increase business value and gain competitive advantage.  

Our expertise in eCommerce space enabled our customers with a seamless multi / Omni-channel experience. Nous’ analytics solutions help in getting business intelligent data enabling executives for quick decision making. Our innovative Magento Customization Services helpsour traditional brick and mortar stores to achieve effective merchandising. Besides, our warehouse management systems handle activities related to supply chain efficiently allowing customers to focus on their core business activities.

Advantages of Partnering with Nous

  • Technology-partner
  • Dedicated practice area consisting Subject Matter Experts.
  • Partnership with world-class product companies to provide quickly implementable innovative IT solutions.
  • Experience in development of eCommerce portal with multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi payment gateway and country specific tax structure to cater global customers.
  • Flexibility with project delivery models based on customer requirements: Onsite, Off-Shore and Hybrid..
  • Right mix industry experts who can map business needs into technology.
  • Project delivery through efficient project management techniques including Agile methodologies.
  • Proprietary frameworks to accelerate implementation and reduce time to market.

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