Retail, one of the most dynamic industries, is characterized by constant change due to a large number of customers, their demands, seasonal sales, distributed locations and so on. The constantly changing breed of customers expect retailers to provide fast and reliable services round the clock, across the globe. This poses retailers the need for reliable ecommerce technology services based on technologies like Magento which can cater to the unique needs of their demanding customers. The changing environment demands that retailers look for innovative Magento Ecommerce Development Services to meet customer needs and enhance their retail experience. Nous’ understanding of the ecommerce industry enables us to offer flexible and scalable solutions to retailers through our Magento Ecommerce Developers across the globe. With an experience of over 19 years in the retail industry, Nous empowers retailers to be more customer centric by delivering solutions that provide personalization and enhanced shopping experience.


Increased adoption of internet has transformed retailing to a larger extent, shifting buyers from brick and mortar stores to online buying and selling. Online shops allow buyers to research about the products, compare them with the competitors before making a buying decision. This vast information empowered buyers to do their shopping with ease. Nous’ Magento Website Developers help you in driving more traffic to your online store and boost revenue.

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Corporate Banking


Online fraud has been a major challenge that every online retailer in recent years. The nature of frauds is huge such as Credit Card fraud, Returns, Chargebacks, and Phishing attacks etc. Nous, through innovative solutions and services, assists online retailers to prevent online frauds and remain competitive. We are partnered with ThreatMetrix, world’s leading ecommerce fraud management solution provider and offer solutions to online retailers to prevent customers from fraudulent activities.

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Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform empowering more than 240,000 global online merchants. Magento Ecommerce Developers enable retailers to build a robust online business and drive a huge revenue out of it. Nous, a Magento Partner, facilitates retailers in implementation of Magento eCommerce platform, both on-premises and cloud. We provide Magento Ecommerce Development Services to the retailers with Magento ecommerce platform.

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Cards and Payments
Wealth Management


Mobile technology has brought a significant change to the retailing industry. With vast experience in retail industry and mobile technology, we provide feature rich mCommerce solutions across multiple platforms and deliver engaging experience. We possess expertise in developing next-gen Multi-channel single code based apps that can be deployed to phones, tablets and desktops across multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android and more.

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Brick and mortar stores are still a first choice for buyers who like to touch and feel the commodity before buying. These stores comprise many independent operations such as PoS, Barcoding and scanners, CRM, pickup, returns and more. Efficient orchestration of such activities is a vital task to achieve effective merchandising to deliver an excellent shopping experience. With an experience of more than 19 years, our Magento Ecommerce Developers understand the retail landscape thoroughly and deliver innovative solutions to enable smooth operation at the stores. 

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