Our delighted customers and their success stories

Multi-Brand eCommerce Platform for a consistent Online Shopping experience

Nous implemented Magento eCommerce system to a German based bags retailer. The new ecommerce engine allowed customer to run two independent brands from a single platform. We have also developed intuitive user interface that enhances shopping experience.

ETL and Business Intelligence Implementation for Effective Reporting

Nous helped a leading athletic retailer of the US in centralizing warehouse data and providing business intelligent information through intuitive dashboards.

eCommerce Performance Optimization

Nous performed a detailed technical audit of customers' existing Magento eCommerce website with a focus on performance issues. The recommended solutions are implemented in several phases.

POS System and eCommerce portal for efficient operations management

Nous assisted a leading shoe retailer in developing eCommerce portal and customized Point of Sales (POS) to manage front office and back office operations.

Integration services and enhancement of eCommerce website

Learn how Nous integrated customers’ ecommerce site with Raymark POS to accelerate their business processes and increase flexibility. We have redesigned UI of the existing eCommerce website and enhanced its features.

Consulting and Development Services for a Leading Reverse Logistics Provider

Nous helped a leading reverse logistics provider in optimizing the performance of the internal application preserving existing IT servers and fulfilment systems.

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