Financial Institutions across the globe are obliged to comply with their national and international regulatory and compliance requirements to address privacy, disclosure, anti-money laundering, anti-usury, lending and fraud prevention. Constant change in the regulatory environment has resulted in continuous changes and upgrades to banks’ business and operational processes.

Nous Governance Risk and Compliance Consulting - Solutions and BASEL framework helps banking and financial services firms to respond quickly and efficiently to the risks and ever evolving regulations and improve the operational efficiency. As the requirements for AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) norms are getting more sophisticated, we engage with our customers to detect, prevent and report AML activities. We have automated manual compliance report generation process for BASEL II Credit, Market and Operational Risk compliance.

GRC for banking and financial services
BASEL compliance

BASEL Compliance

With our flagship BASEL compliance framework, we have developed and implemented BASEL II and BASEL III Governance Risk and Compliance Services for some of the leading banks across the globe. Our consulting and implementation services help achieve timely compliance as per the individual country’s central bank requirements. We do due diligence to provide as-is statement and create road map for BASEL-III compliance.

anti money laundering

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Nous’ Governance Risk and Compliance Consulting Services has helped customers identify and resolve complex money laundering transactions and spot potential financial irregularities. Our services include Risk Assessment, KYC Consulting, Transaction Investigation Automation, Model Validation Consulting and Independent Testing.

process audit

Process Audit

Our process audit consulting services help organizations streamline their internal processes to meet the business challenges effectively. We provide As—Is Analysis, To-Be Definition, Process Improvement Planning, Feedback & Measurement and Audits & Assessment services.

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