Handle critical business processes with robust content management systems

Banks and Financial services handle a lot of high volume transactions which involves manual document processing. This poses a serious security and efficiency threat which can only be addressed with a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution. ECM in Banking needs a well-designed solution effectively digitizes the reports and documents to streamline business processes, improves the speed of business operations, decisions and enhances customer service with a complete customer view. It also helps reduce the cost involved in managing risk and regulatory compliance obligations.

As a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, we deliver robust, end-to-end business solutions to leading banks and financial services organizations. Our Center of Excellence team consists of technology architects and IT consultants with proven expertise in technologies like SharePoint, Drupal and Documentum to address areas like account management, mortgage lending, wealth management and credit card processing. We have delivered automation of complex loan origination system on SharePoint platform that runs the process more efficiently.



Our services and solutions on the Bank Document Management System simplifies the content management process and improves the reliability and accuracy of the business data. It has reduced our customer’s operations cost through automation, reduced risks through digitization and greatly improved their customer service..





Portal Development

Portals are a salient tool for ECM in Banking, as it enables data collation from diverse resources, while presenting it in a holistic and consistent format so as to make the content reading and processing easier. With our team of portal development experts, we have delivered customized portal solutions for banking loan services, customer relationship management, financing and leasing, employee collaboration and dealer management. Our offerings provide a unique interface for knowledge, information and services in a unified way.

Record Management

Banks and Financial services organizations go through heavy documentation and paperwork that needs to be recorded and stored throughout the life cycle. The retention process need to adhere to certain compliance policies, legal constraints and financial services regulatory requirements. Nous has enabled its clients to build the Bank Document Management System that can access, retrieve all the traditional files and documents in all formats such as images, word document, excel files etc.

Document Management

Financial services institutions such as mortgage providers, asset and wealth management, investment banking and brokerage firms are paper intensive and generate a lot of files that need to be stored securely. Our easy to use solution for ECM in Banking ensures that the user edit documents seamlessly, maintain various versions and retrieve the documents instantly. With controlled access and audit activity, our document management solution ensure compliance with SOX and SEC regulatory requirements. Our solution streamlines the business processes, improve operational efficiency and boost ROI.

Web content Management

Our Web Content Management solution allows the non-technical teams in the banks and financial services to easily create and manage the website content across multiple digital channels with no knowledge on web programming and technology. The solution helps organizations manage the content and improve customer experience. It empowers our customers to engage creatively with their end users through dynamic content for different devices.

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