Cloud computing promises business agility, efficiency and speed at lower costs. In recent times, cloud technology is one of the key enabler of digital transformation. Cloud technologies help organizations to achieve scalability, increase operational flexibility and decrease time-to-market.

Nous as a cloud consulting and implementation partner is equipped with industry centric proven methods, frameworks, multi-vendor alliances that accelerate the migration of your traditional infrastructure to the cloud at a most secured and cost effective manner. Some of our success stories in cloud enablement includes:

  • Consulting, design and deployment services of KYC solution to cloud
  • Engineered a cloud based analytics framework
  • Data center transformation to cloud
  • Mobile applications implementation on cloud for catering to services like Analytics and Risk and Compliance.
cloud solutions

Get the best cloud implementation and integration strategy

Our Cloud Enablement Services enables quick adoption of cloud technology for any financial services institution. Our robust and comprehensive service reduces time to market and operational cost while allowing a greater return on investment. Our cloud based services include cloud consulting, implementation, migration and infrastructure management services. We have helped our customers in the transformation of their IT infrastructure thereby unlocking greater business opportunities.





cloud consulting services

Through our Cloud Consulting Services, customers are able to assess their readiness and define strategy road map. Our services are based on the industry’s best implementation practices to minimize the risks of migrating complex applications to cloud infrastructure. We offer SaaS selection and strategy development services, TCO analysis and IT optimization as a part of consulting service. We help our customers to understand the actual effort, risk and the process change that follows the cloud transition to aid an informed decision making.

cloud application services

Our Cloud Application Services replaces existing traditional systems with high performance scalable cloud based solutions that are dynamic and flexible for the changing business needs. We offer roadmap articulation, architecture, design & development, security & compliance, phased migration and multi cloud migration services. We support our customer’s right from idea conceptualization, through implementation to build the next generation cloud solution that increases their business opportunities.

cloud migration services

Our Cloud Migration Services provide smooth and quick migration of traditional business applications to cloud platform. We enable seamless migration of system and servers to cloud environment with our proprietary tools and frameworks. We follow a standard migration process with the best of breed technology for a risk-free transition.

cloud infrastructure management

Our Cloud Infrastructure Management Services include conceptualization and implementation of cloud infrastructure, storage and server management, network and security management, production support and scalability operations. Our services simplify operational complexities, ensure 24x7 availability, easy integration with existing IT policies, load balancing and monitoring. We have helped our customers plan, build and integrate Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions across public and private cloud environments.

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