The banking & financial services industry now encounters increased uncertainty and unusual business opportunities with the inclusion of emerging technologies like social, mobile, cloud, big data and analytics. These trending innovations in these emerging areas disrupt the traditional business operations and contribute to continuous business improvement. Nous Infosystems’ expertise across all the major development platforms and technologies enables us to propose the best solution for our customer’s business needs. We have our Center of Excellence (CoE) teams for each of the below competencies where in our technical experts research on emerging fields and assist in early adoption and readiness.

mobile banking solutions


The increased use of smart phones and other mobile devices for major financial transactions have mandated the financial services organizations to pick multi-channel mobile strategy as one of the top priority for technology investment. Nous’ Mobility Services offer ready-to-run feature rich financial applications that cover banking, loan processing, wealth management, KYC, client on boarding to name a few. We deliver customer-centric mobile solutions with seamless access to information for improved customer experience and service.

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Banks and Financial Services organizations need insights from data to design the products, enhance channel activities and improve online marketing campaigns to make the business process more effective. Nous’ Business Intelligence and Analytics solution analyses organization’s data and helps improve operational efficiency, streamline customer service and enable development of best risk management practice.

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business intelligence and analytics solutions
framework based banking solutions


Nous as a technology partner provides rich framework based solutions that enables our customers quickly respond to changes in the market at an optimized TCO. With our extensive domain knowledge and experience we have developed a wide range of industry specific frameworks and accelerators that reduce the time to market while ensuring quality and business agility. We have developed frameworks and accelerators to address areas like credit evaluation, legacy modernization, BASEL reporting and reports migration.

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With a lot of manual documentation involved in financial services business, an enterprise content management implementation enables them streamline the business processes, improve the speed of business operations and also enhance the customer service. We leverage our expertise in SharePoint, Drupal and Documentum to deliver Enterprise Content Management solutions to our customers.

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enterprise content management
cloud enablement


Banks and Financial Services face a lot of market pressure to consolidate their IT infrastructure cost which has driven them to invest in cloud model. Nous Cloud Enablement services help enterprises to migrate to cloud seamlessly and achieve scalability to capture quick business opportunities. Our proven industry centric methods, frameworks and multi-vendor alliances accelerates our cloud services and lower the risk in transition.

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