Flexcube Testing


Nous Infosystems’ Independent Verification and Validation division, Testree’s offers end-to-end business validation with the Oracle FLEXCUBE Testing Model. This is a two-phased, bottom-up, IV&V approach. Testing is conducted both as isolated testing, as well as complete testing offerings.

The comprehensive testing solution segregates complex FLEXCUBE architectures into smaller manageable components at the service level and tests these isolated services against functional, performance and security related aspects. Our test specialists have been delivering superior value in functional and non-functional test areas for FLEXCUBE.

The ‘isolate’ and ‘validate’ phase helps mitigate the service and component-level challenges. The ‘integrate’ phase weeds out the scenario and business process-level challenges. The performance, security and compliance testing stages help mitigate the non-functional challenges at both service and component level, resulting in the delivery of a completely tested product.

Oracle Flexcube Testing

Why Testree’s Oracle FLEXCUBE Testing?

Being an Oracle gold partner, Nous has proven expertise in FLEXCUBE and is equipped with a team of energetic, highly skilled consultants and technicians. Nous’ Oracle Center of Excellence team has developed proprietary frameworks and methodologies to provide quality services and accelerate the time to market.

  • flexcube testing solutions
    Dedicated group of experts focused on Oracle FLEXCUBE testing.
  • flexcube testing framework
    Robust processes, in-house developed frameworks and tools.
  • oracle flexcube testing
    Highly flexible and customizable execution model.
  • flexcube testing services
    Extensive metrics and reporting.
  • Flexcube Testing
    Robust process and consistent methodologies.

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