Inefficient front and back office IT systems, multiple trade platforms and incompetent risk management systems are some of the major technology challenges faced by Investment Bankers across the globe. In addition to the regulatory compliances and changing customer preferences which are common across financial services market, Investment Bankers experience many other inevitable driving forces to enhance and digitize their business operations. A well-focused and optimized business model supported by a streamlined technology infrastructure is the need of the hour which will help attain better productivity and deliver quality services to end-customers.

Nous as a technology partner is equipped with a team of highly experienced consultants, domain and technology experts who provide timely business strategy and consulting services. We have enabled Investment Bankers to re-architect the existing legacy systems, manage complex hedge fund systems, measure & mitigate the risks and provide personalized client services. Our framework based and product based investment banking solutions provide customizable and scalable offering and assists to enhance and support their business operations.

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front office services

Front Office Services

Our capability in the front office business processes spans from client management, order management to trade executions. Our prior experience with Investment Banking clients has enabled us to build customizable in-house frameworks and accelerators for effective and enhanced front office operations. We also have extended the accessibility of the existing applications with mobile channel enablement.

back office services

Middle and Back Office Services

Our Middle and Back office services ranges from Clearing and Settlement, Position Management, Reconciliation to Trade confirmation. We provide custom trading systems that deliver complete support for pre- and post-trade processes realize the benefits of straight-through processing. Our investment banking technology solutions have empowered our customers to tremendously improve the system performance and thereby experience high profitability.

risk management

Risk Management

Our Risk Management solution utilizes the data generated across products and processes to measure and manage the risk. Our in-house risk management tools help process the data and provide information about the potential risk that would be encountered. We provide a unified and effective investment banking solutions for Credit, Market, Operational and Liquidity risk management.

application testing

Application Testing

We have proven expertise in maintenance and testing of off-the-shelf products, tools and investment banking technology solutions for Investment Banking which includes Calypso, Murex, Omgeo, Sungard and Advent. We have consistently validated financial products across all stages of the Trade Life Cycle complying with various geo-specific regulations. Our ready to use library of business processes and test cases helps accelerate the overall test process and offer high-end testing services.

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