Driven by technology adoption by the customers, Retail banks are experiencing rapid digital transformation, moving them away from traditional banking systems. There is an increase in the uptake of new banking channels like mobile phones, tablets, and ATMs by retail customers. Given this scenario, an Omni-channel strategy that drives a consistent and unified experience is important across banking channels. As technology democratizes the customers’ access, there are more customers, more unique preferences and demand from customers. Thus, technology is at the forefront in helping banks gain market share, gather business intelligence & customer intelligence and digitally orient themselves to stay ahead of the competition.

With its innovative RETAIL BANKING SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, Nous is helping the world’s leading Retail Banks transform operations and deliver differentiated services to customers. Through proven business models and methodologies, Nous provides Application Consultation, Implementation, Transformation, and Testing services.

retail banking services
digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Retail banks are rapidly driving customer-centric digital transformation methods with an aim to create new experiences, new engagement models and faster growth in today’s competitive world. Our Digital Transformation services and RETAIL BANKING SOLUTIONS, modernize customer-facing applications and technology systems to spur innovation and improve performance.

mobile banking solutions

Mobile Banking

Our RETAIL BANKING SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS deliver consistent and seamless user experience across banking channels – mobile, tablet or desktop, with rich UI and advanced features. We offer readily available connectors for quick and easy integration with the major retail core banking systems and advanced features like mobile payment - P2P, remote deposit capture and remote bill pay.

content management and workflow automation

Content Management & Workflow Automation

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we offer RETAIL BANKING SOLUTIONS by utilizing our SharePoint expertise to provide proficient content management services. Our workflow automation solution automates the business process like expense reimbursements, loan approvals, invoice processing, auditing and risk assessment and accounts receivable/payable functions seamlessly.

card fraud management in retail banking

Card Fraud Management

Our predictive neural and rule-based technology models for credit, debit and prepaid cards are in pace with the ever-changing pattern of card fraud transaction. Our RETAIL BANKING SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS deliver real-time decisions with post-authorization monitoring to achieve the optimal combination of speed and analytics functionality to identify fraudulent behaviors.

customer experience in retail banking

Customer Experience

Our proven in-house proprietary frameworks for customer experience enhancement helps retail banks provide superior and innovative service to their customers. We help in addressing the challenges in usability and workflows and assist in extending the shelf life of the applications.

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