Automate Business Processes with Ease using Nintex SharePoint Workflow Automation Platform

Enterprises face major challenges in handling their business processes due to large number of employees, stakeholders and suppliers. SharePoint Workflow Automation has become imperative to save time, achieve accuracy and eliminate manual errors. Nintex, the global standard workflow automation, helps organizations automate simple or sophisticated business processes to drive productivity and accelerate results.

New and improved versions of Nintex Workflow for SharePoint and the Nintex Workflow for Office365 will take center stage in the times to come. The cloud version of Nintex will run independent of Office 365 and SharePoint. Nintex Cloud was built since the standard Nintex Workflow needed more expertise in SharePoint.

Nintex will see Web 2.0 as an emerging usage pattern. This will facilitate collaboration and interaction, paving the way for a more “self-service” culture in enterprises. With Nintex SharePoint Workflow Automation, enterprises will now see a shift from being computer-centric entity to a people and communication – centric entity. This shift with help enterprises in being ahead with constantly changing market circumstances.

Nintex helps in achieving a consistent branding across the organization. It has a workflow designer that is code-free with an easy drag and drop feature. It comes with integrated SharePoint features such as, Ribbon Interface, Business Connectivity Services, Reusable Site, List, Content Type workflows, and Document sets. Nintex also comes with excellent cloud support.

Enterprises can leverage Nintex to increase collaboration, improve visibility of business processes, break organizational silos and bottlenecks, reduce the turnaround time of business requests, overcome risks through better regulatory compliance and simplicity of the platform that allows non-technical users to rapidly develop and deploy SharePoint applications.

Nous Infosystems is one of the leading Nintex partners and has enabled several clients to leverage the power of Nintex to improve collaboration and productivity.

Nintex SharePoint Workflow Automation – The Nous Advantage

Nous is proud to be recognized as a Nintex partner. Leveraging Nintex SharePoint solutions, we help customers automate their time-consuming manual processes, streamline workflows and improve efficiency. We offer:

  • As a Nintex partner, Experience and expertise working on Nintex SharePoint projects involving end-to-end deployment and implementation
  • Large pool of in-house trained Nintex personnel available for onsite, near shore and offshore deployments
  • Broad industry domain SMEs to map enterprise and business process workflows
  • Certified SharePoint experts who are well-versed with workflows and forms
Nintex SharePoint Consulting services

Why Choose Nintex SharePoint Workflow Automation Platform?

Nintex work flow

Nintex Workflow

Automate your manual business processes to streamline your daily operations and empower stakeholders. Nintex SharePoint workflow helps in connecting processes with people inside the organization irrespective of their locations.

Nintex forms

Nintex Forms

Nintex SharePoint Consulting Services eliminates paper based forms and allows you to build and customize forms in simple point-and-click format. Nintex forms are compatible with SharePoint/Office 365 and can be deployed on various devices simultaneously.

Nintex Connectors

Nintex Connectors

Connect your business processes and stakeholders seamlessly. With Nintex Connectors, your processes can connect with business applications, resource sites, content tools and social media with simple drag and drop options.

Nintex Certified Parner - Nintex Mobile

Nintex Mobile

Nintex SharePoint Consulting Services help you to access your business workflows and forms securely on your mobile devices. Nintex mobile allows secured access of your SharePoint and Office 365 processes, inside and outside the firewall and even offline.

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