Innovative Travel IT Solutions

Online travel portals have revolutionized the way travel is researched, planned and bought today. Online channels bring the world closer by offering travelers the ability to select and book from wide range of options for hotel accommodation, flights and tourist attractions across the world. Besides, Mobile technology is growing exponentially across business and leisure travelers. As a leading travel portal solution provider, we help travel companies leverage technology to reduce operational costs and enrich traveler’s experience.

  • Portal Development & Maintenance

  • Integration

  • Mobile Enablement

Application Development

Travel portals serve as one-stop shop for any traveler to plan their holidays, flights, and accommodation. It is imperative for any travel agency to have a robust online portal that can capture the travelers’ interests. As a reputed travel portal solution provider, Nous can help connect travel portals with multiple suppliers of flights and hotels through GDS terminal and Universal APIs. These portals allow users to compare and contrast prices and other deals addressing both personal and business needs.

Application Maintenance

Travel industry is characterized by numerous service providers all over the globe which includes airlines, hotels, and resorts. Integration with third party service providers becomes the key ingredient of any travel website. We have proven expertise in implementation of web services connected to the GDS to fetch information from service providers and leverage features such as low fare search, multiple passenger capabilities, seat maps and seat selection, bookings, cancellations and so on.

Application Integration

The use of mobile phones have brought travel planning to the hand held devices which are highly preferred by new generation travellers to search travel destinations, flights and hotels. Nous has gained tremendous expertise in the development of travel mobile application suite that runs on all mobile devices and operating systems including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows. Besides, we develop responsive website which renders on all device to provide enhanced user experience.

Achieving Higher Business Efficiency in Logistics

In the current global economy, logistics technology services has found utmost importance due to its dynamicity. Gone are the days when logistics was confined to just the movement of freight and goods. Managing costs, security issues, fuel tracking, time management, legal compliance are some of the major challenges logistics industry is facing currently.

Nous has been successfully working with global logistics providers in managing their freight, collaborating vendors and partners and bringing efficiency in value chain. Our logistics technology services helps logistics organizations in Route and Network Planning, Ramp operations, pick-up, packing, shipping and carrier monitoring while achieving operational excellence.

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics Analytics

  • Reverse Logistics

Application Development

Establishing greater efficiency in supply chain is always a bigger challenge for any logistics provider. As supply chain comprises of numerous partners and vendors which includes manufacturers, distributors, and retailers and more, monitoring operational activities and collaboration with stakeholders holds the key to business excellence. Nous supply chain management solutions enables logistics providers managing such business critical processes seamlessly and improve inventory management and SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

Application Integration

Our expertise in analytics complemented with logistics domain experience helped us develop robust business solutions to analyze the flow of goods and information across all supply chain stages. We deliver actionable insights and accurate decisions to help business gain complete visibility into critical operation, enhance collaboration with third party partners, optimize freight spend and effectively monitor KPIs.

Application Integration

We facilitate efficient management of returns, repairs and refurbishments thus reducing leakage costs in the value chain. Our reverse logistics solutions synchronize several business processes across the supply chain to maintain the consistency in the fulfilment area, thus helping organizations to recapture the value from unproductive assets resulting from returned merchandise.

Innovative Solutions to Revolutionize your Business

Nous Infosystems has over 15 years of experience in the industry addressing the needs of a variety of domains. We have been developing turnkey solutions for emerging segments specifically the travel and logistics providers. Furthermore our Nous has strategic partnerships with leading players including Magento, NetSuite, Microsoft & SAP.

Logistics Solutions

Transporting goods quickly and efficiently is a challenging task that involves moving parts in a volatile environment. Digitization of assets of both legacy applications and mobile have created new effective solutions that has spread across the supply chain, changing the way the industry functions. From tracking delivery status of a consignment via a mobile device, to undertaking transactions of pick-up, packing and shipping, the supply chain has been able to deliver a personalized experience for all the stakeholders.

Our Services Include

  • Supply Chain Management
  • GPS based tracking
  • Logistics Analytics and Data Integration
  • Forward and reverse logistics

We have established a Centre of Excellence, to offer innovative solutions, tools and best practices to save cost and drive efficiency. In addition, we also offer software/QA testing, business intelligence for data analytics, remote infrastructure management and proximity consulting.

Travel Solutions

Travel service providers are continuously improving customer experience to stay ahead of their competition. Nous is at the centre of this industry, helping customers manage cost and operations efficiently. Nous Infosystems’ technology solutions cover - Financial Management, Crew Management, Route and Network Planning, Ramp operations, In-Flight Services, Flight Maintenance/Service schedules, Unit Load Device Management, Code sharing/ Network Alliances and Loyalty Management Programs

Our services cover all contemporary systems including

  • Social Network integration
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Mobile applications
  • Collaborative technology with banking services.
  • Integration of workforce planning,flight scheduling and operations
corporate Banking

Discover how Nous helped the customer develop an online booking engine Online Travel Agency (OTA) for multiple suppliers of flight, hotel and car services connected through GDS terminal and Universal API. The company benefited from the seamless booking management system, comprehensive destination-based search and journey builder.


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