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While the cliché states that 'data is the new oil,' we can argue that creating actionable and reliable business intelligence out of available data sources is the key to growth. This is where traditional analytics methods are failing and are fast becoming obsolete.

Nous Infosystems data analytics services are based on a blueprint designed to help organizations realize the true value of their data. We have built several template and tool-based services, data platform accelerators, and proprietary IPs in partnerships with Microsoft, Qlik, AWS, Tableau, and Informatica. With Nous digital intelligence services, you will be able to identify, extract, manage, and analyze data from any source to make timely business-critical decisions.




  • BI maturity assessment
  • Data strategy roadmap & development
  • Data analytics consulting services
  • Data modelling
  • Technology recommendation
  • Data governance consulting
Data Integration

Data integration

  • Data integration accelerator
  • On-premises to cloud migration/integration
  • Data ingestion pipeline development for batch and real-time loads
Migration & Modernization

Migration & modernization

  • Data estate modernization framework
  • Database migration to Azure
  • Database version upgrade
Enterprise Data Warehousing

Enterprise data warehousing

  • Integrated data model designs
  • Dimensional modelling
  • Data mapping
  • ETL design & development
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Metadata management
Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics

  • Big data analytics
  • Descriptive and predictive analytics
  • AI solutions
  • Machine learning/Deep learning algorithm development
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and chatbot development
  • Computer vision and image processing services
Data Visualization & Reporting

Data visualization & reporting

  • Enterprise reports and dashboards
  • KPI metrics, data discovery & analytics
  • Self-service analytics
  • Embedded reporting
  • Mobile analytics
Modern Data Platform

Modern data platform

  • Big data workload migration to Azure Synapse
  • Establishing data virtualization with heterogeneous data sources

Partnerships & solutions

Industry focus


  • Forecast health risks and recommend interventions
  • Reduce denials by analyzing historical remittance data
  • Manage utilization to validate medical procedures and admissions
  • Deploy ready-to-use dashboards on Power BI and Qlik


  • Deploy better pricing models
  • Identify channels having better reach
  • Improve document/claims processing
  • Implement chatbots to reduce call volume
  • Deploy ready-to-use dashboards on Power BI and Qlik

Financial Services

  • Predict risk of customer churn
  • Recommend next-best product to buy
  • Evaluate customer credit risk
  • Predict risk of loan delinquency
  • Improve collection and recovery rates
  • Deploy ready-to-use dashboards on Power BI and Qlik


  • Forecast demand for products and brands
  • Build AI-based predictive models for products, prices, regions, stores, etc.
  • Conduct promotion modeling and competition analysis
  • Manage category and product assortment
  • Implement chatbots to provide quick customer service
  • Deploy ready-to-use dashboards on Power BI and Qlik

Why Nous

25+ years of experience in BI, ETL, and analytics

Microsoft managed partner for over 10 years with gold certified competencies in data analytics & data platform

4+ years of partnership with Qlik

CMMI Level 5 certified organization

Power BI 2-week POC

Create a pilot Power BI Solution in just two weeks and turn your data assets into valuable business opportunities

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Cognos reports to Power BI migration

Accelerate the migration of IBM Cognos reports to Power BI paginated reports by up to 75% at reduced risks and costs with Nous’ migration tool

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Tableau to Power BI migration

Fast track your move to Power BI for a cost-effective and user-friendly business intelligence experience

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Data estate modernization assessment

Meet your organization’s data and analytics requirements - both current and future, while making the most out of existing investments

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Database migration to Azure 3-week POC

Get your on-premise SQL or NoSQL database workloads up and running on Azure in just three weeks

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Data integration accelerator

Unify disparate data sources and connect all available data to create a solid and reliable data foundation

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Learn how we helped a leading P&C insurer implement an insurance-specific BI solution, enabling them to deliver clear, focused information for different business units, including marketing, underwriting, claims, reinsurance, actuarial, risk, and financial management.

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Get a comprehensive comparison overview of Cognos Reports versus Power BI. Explore the advantages that Power BI offers over Cognos and learn how migrating to Power BI can be beneficial to your organization.

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