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Businesses today face the constant threat of technology disruption which can severely affect their competitiveness. Progressive organizations acknowledge the rapid pace of change and are embracing “DevOps” to increase collaboration between Development and Operations. DevOps helps organizations to deliver applications, products, and services at a much faster velocity than traditional methods.

According to a recent Gartner survey, high performing organizations outperform lower performing ones with 200 times more frequent deployments and 2555 times faster lead times. Also, high performing organizations outperform low performers with 24 times faster recovery times and 3 times lower change failure rate. This reinforces the need for enterprises to embrace DevOps in order to stay competitive.

Nous has experience implementing DevOps for Fortune 500 enterprises and has deep expertise in Continuous Integration and Delivery processes. Nous’ DevOps services include DevOps Consulting Services, Infrastructure Automation, Build & Release Automation, Tracking & Monitoring, and Training & Migration. Nous DevOps Practice helps organizations outperform their competitors, capture market share with greater speeds in delivery and innovation and increase customer satisfaction for end clients.

Assess and Improve Your DevOps Capabilities with Nous

Identify the current state of your DevOps maturity through process gap analysis, tools inventory, KPIs, roadmap, and key recommendations to take the next step in your DevOps journey.

Nous Infosystems has entered into a strategic partnership with XebiaLabs, a recognized leader in DevOps and Continuous Delivery software tools. This partnership will enable Nous to help clients leverage intelligent and automated platforms and achieve Continuous Delivery and Application Release Automation (ARA). Enterprise scale applications have made XebiaLabs the backbone of their continuous Delivery platform using frameworks like Deployment Automation, Release Orchestration, and DevOps Intelligence. Through this partnership, Nous will be able to deliver better software faster with reduced risk to its clients.

Increase Speed-to-market with Nous DevOps Engagement Program

DevOps Readiness Assessment and Review

End-to-End DevOps implementations (DevOps Platform)

DevOps accelerator Programs

DevOps Managed Services

Increase Collaboration & Improve Productivity with Nous DevOps Offerings

Devops Agile Operations and continous Delivery
Build and Release Management Build & Release Automation
  • CI & CD pipeline construction
  • Release Management Workflow setup
  • Code Quality control
  • Test Automation Integration
Devops Infrastructure Management Infrastructure Automation
  • Configuration Management
  • Containerization
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Cloud and on premise infrastructure management
Devops Tracking and Monitoring Tracking and Monitoring
  • APM tools implementation
  • Log Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring tools implementation
  • Database Monitoring
  • Customized dashboards
  • ent
Training and Migration Training and Migration
  • Tools training
  • Tools Migration Assistance
  • Agile Coaching
  • DevOps Workshops and boot camps

Our DevOps Process Methodology

Devops Agile Operations and continous Delivery

Business Benefits

  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Breaking down the silos
  • Aligning IT and business
  • Agility and increased speed to market
  • Ready response to changing market and customer demands
  • Incorporating feedback
  • Better software stability and quality
  • Team empowerment
  • Improving the ROI of data
  • Greater business valuation
Devops Consulting Services by Nous

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