Reduce Downtime and Maximize Application Availability

With businesses constantly evolving, it is imperative for organizations to drive changes to the application environment, while maintaining existing mission critical IT applications and infrastructure. Nous’ tailor-made application maintenance and support services aim to reduce system outages and improve the performance and efficiency of the application portfolios. Our mature project management processes and application maintenance services optimize cost and ensure high service levels. Our application maintenance services typically include the following phases:

  • requirement gathering

    Requirement gathering

    Understand business requirements, plan and provide estimates for the tasks involved

  • application maintenance transition


    Gain knowledge about existing IT systems and maintenance process

  • application maintenance


    Fix existing issues and enhance new features

  • application maintenance support


    Round the clock support to immediately address critical issues affecting the business applications

Business Benefits

  • Flexible approach to suit business needs.
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis to resolve complex recurring issues
  • Improved application quality and consistent service levels
  • Suggest improvements to the system thereby minimizing the possibility of imminent business critical issues
  • Lower costs and higher ROI
  • 24/7 support to ensure quick turnaround time
Nous' business benefits
corporate Banking

For a global health and wellness company, Nous provided comprehensive set of maintenance services of Healthcare portal. The application maintenance services covered bug fixes, enhancements, production support and custom web analytics reports development. The engagement helped the company significantly improve ease of use of Employee Assistance Services and increased employee engagement.


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