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The ever changing customer expectations and buying habits pose huge challenge and opportunities for retailers. Buyers are diverse and multifaceted in nature; some prefer online shops to brick and mortar stores shopping whereas some others use multiple channels before making a buying decision. As the boundary between physical and digital world continue to blur, retailers are striving hard to deliver the best customer experience while improving profit margins.

Nous' dedicated Retail practice deliver seamless and reliable customer experience across stores, online and mobile channels, converting retail browsers into buyers. Our retail experts translate business needs into retail technology solutions for the entire retail life cycle – from procurement to sales and managing multi-channel operations to enhance business outcomes. We help retailers gain 360 degree view of shoppers and deliver a personalized shopping experience for customers. Trusted by many of the leading global retailers, our omni-channel retail technology solutions deliver perfect synchronization between various component systems like eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Inventory Management and Business Intelligence systems.


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Rapid growth in internet adoption marks the shift of retailing from traditional brick and mortar to online buying and selling. We offer proven expertise in end-to-end eCommerce implementation and maintenance services including Omni-channel B2B & B2C portal development and platform re-engineering. We offer comprehensive, integrated eCommerce development services for marketing, merchandising, catalogue & content management, order management & payment processing. Leveraging our strategic partnership with Magento, most popular ecommerce platform, we deliver full range of Magento development and customization as part of our ecommerce development services to create rich customer experience.

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Mobile Enablement

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the face of retail industry today. We help retailers deliver a seamless mobile experience to customers from browsing to checkout with our mobile ecommerce development services. With vast experience in retail industry and mobile technology, we provide feature rich mCommerce retail technology solutions across multiple platforms that truly drive an engaging experience. We specialize in developing next-gen Multi-channel single code based apps that can be deployed to phones, tablets and desktops irrespective of technology the device is using and extend the app to connect to existing retail application stack.

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Digital Transformation

Retail industry has experienced paradigm shift in recent years with the explosion of digital technologies. Brick & mortar and online stores are undertaking plethora of digital transformation activities to stay competitive. Nous understands the impact of digital technologies across different touch points in retailing. We provide strategic roadmap and business cases for transformation and help retailers develop a multi-channel approach with our retail technology solutions. Our technology and domain experts leverage the power of disruptive technologies such as SMAC, to embark on the digital transformation journey.

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Retailers generate huge volumes of data at different stages of the retail lifecycle every day. To add pressure, digital savvy shoppers seek personalization and convenience. Thus, it becomes imperative for retailers to have robust data management and analytical engine to draw near-real time actionable insights and drive informed retail decisions. Nous’ Analytics services help retailers analyze customers, products and omni-channel operations data across geographical markets. Our retail technology solutions span critical areas of retailing including customer segmentation, assortment optimization, location based marketing, purchase pattern identification and more. We integrate data from various touch points such as POS, merchandising and supply chain systems to identify revenue and profit opportunities.

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User Experience

Personalized and immersive experience is the key in today’s retail world. In order to capture buyer’s attention and interest, it’s imperative for retailers to create engaging and integrated User Experience. Our UI/UX experts create curated experience for the shoppers to build trust and promote long term customer loyalty. Our ecommerce development services focus on customer-centric eCommerce UX to create powerful and memorable online experience.

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System Integration

Retailing is characterized by various activities, starting from procurement to sales and post sales. These activities are powered by various IT systems which perform specific functions. Integrating such IT systems is very crucial in order to maintain smooth and hassle free retailing operations. We are specialized in providing System Integration services using Enterprise Service Bus architecture that enables heterogeneous systems including eCommerce, ERP, POS, CRM, CMS and WMS systems to communicate with each other. We provide retail technology solutions with the right tools and methodologies to accelerate business performance and overcome complexity inherent with complex systems integration.

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Magento ecommerce development and integration case study

Learn more about how Nous enhanced online shopping experience for a global retailer. Nous implemented Magento eCommerce platform and integrated the system with Payment gateway, ERP, WMS, OMS and social media.


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