Xamarin Cross Platform Application Development for Improved Customer Experience

Companies need a cross-platform mobile strategy to be resilient in the face of unprecedented innovation. They need a sustainable way to build apps that keep up with the technology advancements of new devices and capabilities. They need efficient ways to support and maintain apps. They need to be more agile and deliver business value faster. Consumers and employees have a plethora of options when it comes to the devices and apps they use and the ones they abandon. Hence developers must ensure that apps are engaging and work as expected, every time and on any device. Xamarin platform enables developers to provide an engaging, intuitive experience to end-users. As one of the leading Xamarin partners, Nous offers Xamarin Cross Platform Application development services to reduce time-to-market for enterprises and improve mobile app user experience.

The Success of your Mobile Projects Depend on:

  • Reaching every mobile user, regardless of their device

  • The quality and performance of the user experience

  • Seamless integration into your existing systems

  • Your ability to turn your existing team into mobile developers

To Succeed You Need a Development Platform That Helps You

Accelerate time-to-market

Transform your team into mobile experts

Re-use and share code across device platforms

Ensure App Adoption

Deliver native, high-performance apps

Automate functional testing on hundreds of real devices.

Resolve Issues Quickly

Monitor apps for cashes and exceptions.

Analyze crash analytics & user data for faster fixes and better support.

Future-Proof Investments

Add new device OS features & extend to new platforms easily.

Stay always up-to-date

Provide a Native User Experience for the Diverse Mobile Landscape with Xamarin ios Development

Xamarin is the new standard for enterprise mobile development that enables businesses to reach billions of iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices with a fully native application from a single, shared code base. The platform is used by many of the Fortune 500 companies to accelerate the creation of mission-critical consumer and enterprise applications. Xamarin’s mobile application development environment delivers cross-platform native applications that have the advantages of native user interface, performance and device access.

Nous is a Xamarin premier consulting partner which sets us apart from other Xamarin partners. We have been successfully helping customers with our Xamarin cross platform application development services to build the native mobile application with high performance from the simple and robust C# language, while utilizing the full API coverage and application logic.

Nous’ Xamarin Consulting Services

Nous, one of the leading Xamarin partners, empowers its customers to easily adopt the powerful Xamarin platform and utilize their existing business teams, tools and C#/.NET codes efficiently to go live on mobile. Our Xamarin ios development services future-proof the customers’ investments by keeping the platform up-to-date with the new OS device features so that any existing application can be extended to the new platform easily. As one of the leading Xamarin partners, our dedicated Xamarin Consulting team with certified developers have deep knowledge and expertise in Xamarin cross-platform application development using the platforms such as Xamarin forms, Xamarin Studio and Xamarin Sketches. Over the years, we have built an in-house library of re-useable C# and .NET components and controls which can be readily used for Xamarin cross platform application development projects, thereby reducing our customers’ time to market.

Nous’ Xamarin Consulting Services
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For a leading provider of secure online collaboration solutions, Nous designed and developed native mobile applications using Xamarin for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The application was developed for both smartphones and tablets.


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